Canggu’s Finns Beach Club, Provide Soothing Relaxing Places with Complete Facilities

If you are visiting Canggu, Bali, then you must make Finns Beach Club Canggu as your tourist destination. Moreover, a visit to Finns Beach Club will make you have a memorable and unforgettable time. A paradise for those of you who like to hang out or hangout with the beach atmosphere. This Finns Beach Club is located right near Berawa Beach. So when you gather together with your friends, the expanse of the view of the sea of ​​Berawa Beach will accompany you and spoil your eyes. Besides that, what’s interesting about this place is the base of the place. Bamboo dominates Canggu’s Finns Beach Club. The building, which is dominated by bamboo, gives a traditional impression.

Facilities in Canggu’s Finns Beach Club

Canggu’s Finns Beach Club in addition to offering a place for fun also allows you to feel relaxed while looking at the beautiful scenery around. This Finns Beach Club has complete facilities, such as restaurants and bars. The restaurant and bar will open every 9 am and will serve you with the delicious dishes they have. Some bar and restaurant areas are spread out in Finns Beach Club so you can choose where you want to enjoy the Finns menu.

Canggu’s Finns Beach Club Bar

There is a surf bar, located at the surf bar, you can get some fresh juices, cocktails, ice cold beers, while accompanied by a view of the popular Berawa waves. This circularly designed Surf bar will allow you to see the ocean view from every angle. Besides the surf bar, there is also a pool bar. This pool bar faces west, where this location is the right spot for you to say goodbye to the sun.

Location and Entrance Rates of Canggu Finns Beach Club

To be able to enter Canggu’s Finns Beach Club, the entry ticket is IDR 100,000. if you want to rent a bean bag you need to pay IDR 250,000, IDR 400,000 for a single day bed, and a double day bed for 4 people need to pay IDR 1,600,000.

Make sure when you are in Canggu, you feel a vacation also at this Finns Beach Club. This Finns Beach Club is located on Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu, Bali. Don’t miss the excitement here with your friends


Bukit Putung Karangasem, Seeing the Natural Beauty of Bali from Top

Putung Bukit Karangasem can be added to your vacation destination list. The beauty of this hill can give you a pleasant vacation experience. Being on a hill can be an arena for relaxation looking for peace and quiet. Moreover, Bukit Putung also has an amazing panorama. Once you have been on this hill you can see the rice terraces belonging to the surrounding people. You can also see the valleys of hills filled with fertile plants. Its location in the mountains makes the air cool. There are a variety of trees you can meet such as coconut trees, pakis pilgrims and salak plantations belonging to the locals. Besides you can feel the view, this Karangasem Hill Putung also presents the beauty of the sea line with the docks. You can find catching fishing boats and anchored ships. Even from a distance can be seen by Nusa Penida Island. Really a very eye-catching sight. Whoever will have to linger on this Bukit Putung. Its cool atmosphere and calm and calm atmosphere make this hill even more enjoyable. The birds flying in silence accompany your time on the hill that has this special privilege. Even the beauty of Bukit Putungan caught the attention of an Italian artist named Christiano. This painter pours out the beauty of the Hill. The shoreline is in a painting and makes this hill more familiar to foreigners. In addition to its natural beauty, there is a photo spot you must take that is a hut near the edge of the hill. The best time to capture photographs in the hut is during the twilight or in the morning.

Location of Bukit Putung Karangasem

For those of you who are also interested in visiting Bukit Putung, then you can go to its location in the East Duda Village, Selat District, Karangasem Regency, Bali. The distance from the district center, Amapura, is approximately 19 km, if from Denpasar city the distance is around 52 km. To climb Bukit Putung, you are not too tired because you can still pass the vehicle to reach the top.

Certainly when you visit this place, don’t forget to bring your camera. You can make your every moment and all the natural beauty of Bukit Putungan in a photo. Have a good vacation!

Climbing Abang Kintamani Mountain, Challenging Tourism Activity Choices in Bali

For you nature lovers who want to find beautiful spots to visit, then you can come to this one mountain, namely Mount Abang Kintamani. Mount Abang is the third highest mountain on the island of Bali. This mountain is in Kintamani, Bangli, Bali. You who like hiking, can make Mount Abang your destination. Abang Kintamani Mountain is one location with Mount Batur, its own position facing each other, Mount Abang in the east and Mount Batur in the west. Having a height of about 2152 meters above sea level, Gunung Abang is the highest point of the caldera ridge that surrounds Mount Batur, which covers an area of ​​13.8 x 10 km.

Ascent Path Towards the Peak of Mount Abang Kintamani

To go to the foot of the mountain takes approximately 40 minutes driving a car. The route taken is from the city of Bangli straight north, in the direction of Kintamani. Arriving at the Geopark Museum turn left towards Suter. If you have arrived at the T-junction, just take the small road into the middle of the forest. You could say the road was in a damaged condition and had the size of a car. After reaching the foot of the mountain, you might be able to prepare for a moment like warming up before finally climbing. The beginning of the climbing track is fairly uphill, but about 15 minutes away, the road that passes is somewhat flat.

Location of Mount Abang Kintamani


For those of you who are interested in climbing on Mount Abang, then Mount Abang is located in Abangsongan Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali. if you are confused about the location, then you can look for it on Google maps. For those of you who are beginners in terms of mountain climbing, Gunung Abang can be said to be a difficult terrain. As you know, climbing mountains requires sufficient equipment so that you don’t have trouble during the trip. So, make sure you bring enough equipment such as food and drinks, medicines, and other important things.

If you want to also capture the natural beauty around Mount Abang, don’t forget to bring your camera. And also before you head to Gunung Abang, check the weather first, so that your adventure is not hampered.


Punggul Abiansemal Waterfall, Unique and Magic Waterfall in Bali

Vacation to Bali, you can find many beautiful beaches. Not only the beach, this island also offers a wealth of other natural resources that are no less stunning. One of them is through the existence of Abiansemal Punggul Waterfall which is the latest tourist attraction in Badung Regency, Bali. Calling Abiansemal Punggul Waterfall a hidden tourist destination in Bali is not wrong. Moreover, the existence of this tourist attraction has only been revealed in recent years. Therefore, it is not surprising that the atmosphere around this waterfall is still natural. However, the natural atmosphere is not the only attraction possessed by Punggul Waterfall in the District of Abiansemal. This waterfall is known as a waterfall with a unique and magical phenomenon. Therefore, it is not surprising that Punggul Village, which is the location of this tourist attraction, has such great tourism potential.

Uniqueness and Miracle in Punggul Waterfall Abiansemal

Then, what are the uniqueness and wonders that can be found in Punggul Waterfall? This waterfall, by the local government is packaged as a spiritual tourist destination. In fact, it does not rule out the possibility that this waterfall is used as a location to do the tradition of melukat. There are many wonders that can be found when visiting the waterfall area in Punggul Village. The first miracle is related to the existence of 2 water sources that are not far from the waterfall. These two water sources feel unique because one of them releases hot water. In fact, the area around Punggul Village does not contain sulfur. The area which is below the location of the waterfall is also a cave with a long depth. In this cave, tourists will be able to find other natural phenomena that are no less unique. The uniqueness is related to the existence of 2 fountains. It is this fountain which according to the plan will be used as a means for melukat. This waterfall is not far from the Beji Geria Temple known as a sacred temple by the Punggul Village community. Therefore, making this place a religious tourist destination is the right choice. The reason is because Pura Beji Geria is a place for purification or known as melasti. Even so, it is possible that tourists can try various activities while in this place. For example, you can just soak in the area around the fountain or try playing water near the waterfall. It’s just that, make sure to keep good manners while in tourist attractions.

Location of Punggul Waterfall Abiansemal

You can find this hidden waterfall tour in the Punggul Village area which is included in the Abiansemal District in Badung Regency. This village is close to several popular tours in Bali. Rows of tourist attractions close to this place include Campuhan Hill, Sangeh area, Neka Art Museum, and others. Access to transportation to the village area is also very easy. For example, the distance between Campuhan Hill in Ubud and Panggul Village can be reached within a 30-minute drive.

Pantai Secret Ketewel Gianyar, Pantai Tersembunyi yang Menjadi Surga Para Peselancar

Beaches in Bali will never end to be discussed, there are various new beaches that have not been explored. Secret Beach Ketewel Gianyar is one beach whose name is not too familiar and rarely visited by tourists. This beach is in the Gianyar area, Bali. This beach is named Secret Beach Ketewel begins when a surfer finds this beach where it is still quiet and natural. Because the beach location is in Ketewel village, the foreign surfer adds a “secret” on the front of Ketewel. So that it can be interpreted that the beach that is in fuss is still hidden and has not been explored much. In the past, this beach did not yet have adequate road access. Now there is the Ida Bagus Mantra Road By Pass so that access to the beach becomes very easy. As is known, this road crosses various regions that have black sand beaches that have not been widely explored and have not been visited by many tourists.

Secret Beach Facilities Ketewel Gianyar

Entering this beach, you will not be charged an entry fee or free. But on this beach already has quite complete facilities. One of them is a stall or shop that serves seafood dishes that can be selected and the fish provided is still fresh from the catch of the fishermen themselves.

Close to residential areas, this beach has a public bathroom, surfboard rentals, or boat rentals.

Location of Secret Beach Ketewel Gianyar

This tourist spot is on Jalan Ketewel, Ketewel Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. From Ngurah Rai Airport you can drive for approximately 45 minutes. Distance Denpasar to Secret Beach Ketewel about 20 minutes. Various tourist objects that you can go to include a Sukawati art market, watching barong dance in Batubulan, Tegenungan waterfall, Goa Lawah, zoo zoo park, and tourist area of ​​Ubud. Access to the beach is quite easy, passing Jalan By Pass I da Bagus Mantra, right at the red light intersection, turn right, then you have arrived at the beach of Secret Ketewel. If you want to save your vacation time to visit various tourist areas around Secret Beach, Ketewel can use tour services more recommended.

Thomas Beach Uluwatu, Hidden Beach that is a Favorite of Foreign Tourist Visits

Thomas Beach Uluwatu is a hidden beach that has not been visited by many tourists. This beach is only visited by foreign tourists, while local tourists don’t visit much because access is quite difficult and requires extra energy to reach the beach. Visitors who come to Thomas Beach are mostly foreign tourists who are curious about the high waves on the beach. This wave is also quite good for surfers who are just learning. However, it must be considered again because the waves will become malignant because the weather does not support.

The attraction of Thomas Beach Uluwatu

Thomas Beach has soft, smooth white sand. There are many shady trees on the shore so you can take shelter if you don’t feel like sunbathing on the shore. Clear blue sea water adds to the beauty and natural beauty of the beach. It is suitable as a refreshing place because you will feel private beach because it has not been visited by many tourists. Sunset at Thomas Beach is equally beautiful. You can freely enjoy the view of the twilight sky without having to roll in together with other visitors. On the beach that is still empty of visitors there are many activities that you can do such as swimming, surfing, snorkeling, sunbathing to playing beach sand or beach volleyball. Because tourists don’t know much, you will only be given donations as soon as possible to enter the beach area. Because there is no parking lot, you better lock your vehicle double and spray it on the edge of the highway. Other facilities such as public bathrooms, restaurants, and lodging accommodations will be found on the shore managed by local residents.

Location of Thomas Beach Uluwatu

Thomas Beach is in the Uluwatu area, which is located adjacent to the Padang-Padang beach. To enter this beach, you have to pass dozens of stairs. Many think that the location of this beach is a dead end because there is no sign of the beach location. After passing Thomas Café, you need to walk more or less 500 meters to arrive at the fork in the road next to Thomas’s café. The road to Thomas Beach is quite difficult because the roads are not yet asphalt and managed, so that visitors who use two-wheeled vehicles must be extra careful. Arriving at the beach location, you have to go through the stairs again. These stairs if the rainy season is slippery enough to be careful not to slip. And better before coming to Thomas Beach Uluwatu you have done a little practice because your trip from the highway to the beach location is quite a lot of energy on the feet.

Deluang Sari turtle breeding, educational tourism knows more about the lives of turtles

Turtle is one of the animals that is almost extinct. To reduce the extinction of these turtles, places were set up to breed the turtles. Deluang Sari Turtle Breeding is one of the breeding areas that can be found in Bali. You who are on holiday in Bali can visit this place. One of the factors of the turtle’s extinction is because of the widespread hunting of turtles for meat. Then turtle eggs are often taken by humans. In order for the existence of sea turtles to remain, the government issued a law regarding the prohibition of turtle hunting. In addition, the private sector and non-governmental organizations and the government take part in making turtle breeding. Sarisiliki Deluang Turtle Breeding is a delta overgrown with mangrove forests, there is a white sand beach with calm waves, and right facing Benoa Harbor. Deluang Sari is used as a place to breed turtles because it has a complete ecological system, then the beach also has clean and maintained conditions, and the mangrove forests here are fertile. At Deluang Sari, you will find a pool or shelter that is provided as a place to care for turtles from the newly hatched to the adult. Even in captivity there are also turtles whose age reaches the age of 70 years. The visitors who come here can hold turtles directly, enter into captive ponds, feed, and even take pictures. Not only can you see turtles. You who come to the turtle breeding at Deluang Sari can also see some other animals, such as various types of fighting chickens, wild birds, bats, iguanas, and see the actions of these animals.

Deluang Sari Turtle Breeding Entrance Fee

For those of you who want to play together with turtles, then you will be charged a ticket for entry into this captivity. For entry tickets it costs around IDR 10,000 per person. You can make Deluang Sari Turtle Breeding as a holiday destination while you are in Bali. Surely it will be exciting to see turtles and various other animals here.

Location of Deluang Sari Turtle Breeding

This Deluang Sari turtle breeding is located in Tanjung Benoa Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency. Located approximately 27 kilometers from the city of Denpasar and traveling about 35 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport.

To get to the breeding place, you need to cross from Benoa port by renting a glass bottom boat. Glass bottom boat can contain 10 passengers. So, when you want to visit captive breeding sari also bring your group, like your family or friends.